PNG 9Pumpkin is a place for honesty, for fun, and maybe even a little learning. Pumpkin is not here with the purpose of selling anything or promoting any message but rather as a gathering place for my interests such as cooking, crafting, parenting, and more. Pumpkin is also a place to speak openly about life with Bipolar Disorder, free from the “taboo” or shame present on the topic in many areas of society.


What you can find on pumpkin….

*crafting articles & tutorials
*parenting articles & kids crafts
*Articles on life with Bipolar Disorder
*Articles on life with a child who has Aspergers Syndrome
*Random Cat Pictures ( Cheeseburgers extra..)
*Inspirational Writing & Images

What you won’t find on pumpkin…
*Pretty much anything Pumpkin related… to be honest, I really don’t like pumpkin (shhh….)
* Hateful content. (This is not a gossip,”dis”, or otherwise hateful or mean blog. )
*Perfection. ( If you are looking for the supermom blogs where parents juggle cats while baking cupcakes, you’ve probrably come to the wrong place! I totally respect those blogs and learn a lot of great things from them but Pumpkin is here for me to have a place to be 100% real.)
* Talk about “ass whoopins'” ( I very firmly believe that hitting a child is no way to be a parent. I respect every parent’s right to do things their way, but do not expect to find that here.)


About Me

I am a 32 year old SAHM of 2 and USAF wife. We have lived all over the United States as well as in Japan for 2 years, and I just love all of the cultural experiences of traveling. ( I think Utah was my favorite though, I adored being in the mountains!) My hobbies include photography, cooking, crafting, and animal rescue work ( I’m a rescue mom of 2 lab mixes and a Japanese version of the domestic short hair cat). I prefer cartoons to many “grown up shows” and am guilty of watching Spongebob without my kids ( more often than I’d like to admit) I am diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and after an attempted suicide and hospitalization the week before Christmas I’m learning to live a “new life” with the disorder finally under medical control. Although I’ve lived much of my life as an atheist, I found Buddhism around 5 years ago, and just this past year turned to a United Methodist Church and I’m loving it. After years of searching for a path that was right for me, I’m finally finding peace. Pumpkin is here as my way to be honest about who I am and the disorder that has controlled my life in a way that I have been unable to before as it has always been a “family embarrassment” or the “big secret” … and so here I am, the bipolar mom doing the best she knows how rather than the mom pretending to be “normal”


**Note ~ Unless otherwise stated, all images and art used on this website are not my own. All images are credited to the proper sources in the bottom of any post or page.


Header Image Art Found At: TokkiOwO

About Page Art Found At: vengeanceavenue and TokkiOwO



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