Quick and Easy Honey Substitute

honey substitute

So remember that whole motivation thing? Yep, you guessed it…. as it turns out, it’s still a problem for me. I’ve been cooking up a storm, but actually getting to posting it is another thing. I have just a quick one today… and it is beyond easy, but it goes along with a post I have for tomorrow!  I hope everyone has been having a great month in February, and that you enjoy the recipes I have for you!  ( What’s everyone going without for Lent? I tried to go without being negative to myself and others and, well, not doing as well as I would like with it but I’m not doing all that terribly either so I guess that’s good enough lol)

Quick and Easy Honey Substitute


1/2 C warm water ( not hot, just warm)

2 1/2C sugar ( you can use white if that is what you use. Personally, I prefer raw sugar, and so it is what I used here)

  • Pour water into the sugar
  • mix thoroughly.. does not have to be completely smooth but do mix for a good minute or two.
  • Use in recipes as honey would be used.

honey substitute two

I told you it was easy! Not only is this a fantastic frugal alternative for those who cannot afford to purchase honey, but great to have around for baking when you buy the good stuff and want to be stingy and save it all for peanut butter sandwiches or toast lol….or, if you’re an airhead like me and buy everything you need for a recipe BUT the honey.  This stuff does store fairly well too, I’ve been keeping a small jar in my fridge to use here and there for baking for a while.


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