The Top 10 Handmade Valentines for Kids

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It seems like everywhere you go these days ( well, ok I mostly go to craft sites and Pinterest but shhh lol) someone is showing off an adorable handmade valentine they have made for their child’s celebration of the holiday this year.  In the spirit of this year’s handmade flair for the occasion I have compiled a list of my 10 absolute favorite handmade valentines. I have tried to include ideas that can be done either with or without your child’s help, but of course, every child’s ability level is different so I encourage you to use your best judgement when deciding if they should help or not.  ( of course, it’s more fun and meaningful if they do though!)

via At Second Street

Number One : Love Juice  – This super cute and not too terribly sugary ( when compared to candy lol) idea comes from the adorable blog titled At Second Street. I love the fact that this is such a great idea but can be done on a budget unlike some ideas out that have price tags running well past that of the little store-bought cardboard cards.  Be sure to spend extra time at this link if you are a crafter, there are some adorable tutorials hiding out there!

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Number Two : Love Bug Valentines – This awesome ( and very easy!) valentine idea from Dandee couldn’t be any better for my kids. Since out move out to the country my two can’t get enough of all the slimy scaly and creepy things life has to offer. I think just about any school age kid would love these though!

via Fiskars

Number Three : I’m Bananas for You – I just love this one, although I’m not sure I like the idea of sorting out all of those bananas from a bag of runts lol. On the bright side, it could be turned into a good sorting or other math activity for your helpers!  The little monkey couldn’t be cuter, but if you aren’t a monkey person it’s ok… The Fiskars site has a few other ideas for quick and easy handmade valentines using other candies and characters.

via PBJ and J on Etsy

Number Four : Swedish Fish Bowl – When it comes to easy you can’t beat this one,but I think maybe I am a little partial since it utilizes my absolute favorite candy ever. By following this link to Etsy you can pick up the fishbowl design shown above… then just add fish and the bag and poof – instant adorable and tasty valentine!

via Design Dazzle

Number Five : Mustache You A Question Valentines – Ok admit it, we all knew mustaches weren’t going away with 2012. I think we can all admit that this valentine is adorable too though. I love the simplicity and the idea of using handmade chocolate. ( If you haven’t had a chance to work with chocolate before it’s really really easy don’t worry!) The printables can be picked up if you’re a fan of design dazzle ( which you should be.. there are some kyooot things over there!) and there is even a quick tutorial and links on how to create the mustache pops. I think for me this one sounds the most fun because I can already see all of the little kindergarteners in my son’s class with little mustache faces! You’ve got to love food that you can not only eat but also play with.

via Dukes and Duchesses

Number Six : You Blow Me Away – Oh my… this idea is such a cute one but perhaps one best left for a teacher you’re mad at LOL. I can’t even imagine the noise when all 25 students or so decides to try out this valentine. On the flip side though, I’m sure that every single child would have fun with these! Again, the candy free aspect makes this awesome idea from Dukes and Duchesses quite attractive.

via Buggy & Buddy

Number Seven : Play Dough Valentine – Another one for the candy free category, but also a top pick in the originality category for me. I really like the idea of adding the recipe for the play dough along with the valentine so they can make more when the original gets dried out or full of cat hair ( what, that only happens in my house?)  You can find all the information you need to get started on this super cute valentines idea over at Buggy and Buddy 

via Whipperberry

Number Eight : You Color my World – Going along the same lines of the handmade play dough, the handmade heart-shaped crayon valentine from Whipperberry is another great candy free idea. I think the idea of something that is adorable but also useful beyond valentines day is awesome.

via skip to my Lou

Number Nine – Butterfly Valentine – Could these awesome little butterfly valentines from Skip to My Lou be any cuter? I just love the googley eyes. Luckily they couldn’t be any easier either because you can find a printable of the “wings”.

via 3 Four and Under

Number Ten : You Blow Me Away – Another adorable and candy free ( and super fun!) idea and the last one for today’s post, the blog 3 Four and Under has a great idea for a valentine that includes bubbles! I know I’ve seen candy bubbles out there before which might be a fun addition to this one if you can find them… Either way I think any kid would love to give or receive these.


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    • thanks for stopping by 🙂 There are some very cute ones on there lol In fact, I’m still trying to decide which 2 I’m going to pick for my kids this year! I love the fact that there are so many talented crafters out there to find continued inspiration from:)

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