Welcome to Pumpkin

Hello there! My name is Lorilei and this is Pumpkin. Grab a coffee ( or not ) and a seat, and let me fill you in on just what you have stumbled across here!

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Who is this person?
I am a 32 year old SAHM of 2 ( 5 if you count the 3 furry ones) . My daughter, who is 7, has high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. My son, who is 5, is a card carrying zombie ( or stompie as he calls them…) extermination expert. We are an Air Force family and have lived all over the place! I have been living most of my life unable to really express who I am. You see, in my family and many other places, my personal condition and personal struggle have been quite “hush,hush” I have been living with Bipolar Disorder for all of my life. Only in my 30’s have I really realized the impact it has had on my life, and taken steps to finally do something about it. One week before Christmas in 2012 I had come to the point of attempting suicide. I spent several days in the psychiatric ward of a local hospital, and came out of the ordeal completely unable to discuss the pain, confusion, and emotions that I have been experiencing. Although my medication has been doing well and I am working to start new and bring myself back to the outgoing, fun loving person I once was, I still had a need to speak my peace…. and so, the idea for Pumpkin was born. I will freely admit that I am writing under a pen name, however it’s safe to say that the “me” that you will encounter here on Pumpkin is far more me than many of those in my “real life” will see posts from. It is my hope that with this blog not only will I be able to speak freely about my life with a mental illness, but give others who are experiencing a stigmata to speak freely about their lives, and have an open forum with those who can commiserate with each other on a life that is so different from the “normal”.

via The Commons on Flickr ( National Media Museum)

A few of my favorite things….
* Cooking/ Baking – You better believe you will be able to find recipes here at Pumpkin! I absolutely love to play around in the kitchen and I’m always happy to share a great new find that I happen to stumble on.
* Parenting/Education – My kids are my life, my sidekicks, and my inspiration daily. I never knew how much fun being a mom would be until I got to experience it first hand, but I love watching things through their eyes. While living abroad I caught the homeschool bug and although my 2 are back in school now we still do a lot of fun educational activities around our house to build on what they are learning at school.
* Arts/Crafts – I am always trying a new craft…although, I’m not terribly fantastic at any of them. My current interests are sewing, beading,scrapbooking, photography, and art journaling.
* Inspiration – As a Buddhist/Methodist ( I’ll explain that eventually lol….) and a person who has known the depths of depression, I love inspiring quotes and stories. Don’t be surprised to find one or two here on Pumpkin occasionally.
* Mental Illness -I’m not sure I can call this a “favorite”, but both being a person who lives with Bipolar Disorder and the parent of a child who has Aspergers Syndrome have put me in a position to have an invested interest in mental health. I’m only too happy to share information I might have found useful with the hope that it might brighten someone else’s day in some way.

via The Commons on Flickr( Nationaal Archief)

Thank you for taking the time to stop by Pumpkin today! Please take a moment to let me know your thoughts on this post, or if you have a relevant post please be sure to share it with the Pumpkin community…I’d love to hear from you!

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2 responses to “Welcome to Pumpkin

  1. Hello, was just browsing the parenting tag and found your blog. I’m a Buddhist Methodist with an aspie kid too, so I followed and I look forward to more posts.

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